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If you are going to be living in the Kingdom of Verdure, you will be expected to follow these rules. If you have any questions, contact Shard for more information.

1. The rules of the Kingdom are law.
While you are here, you are a citizen of the Kingdom of Verdure. The Kingdom has laws, even if they may or may not make sense at first glance. If you break these laws, your punishment will depend on the severity of the crime, and range from consequences in the comic itself to you being booted out of the comic.

2. Respect the boundaries of your neighbors.
If you have a plot idea that involves someone else, run it by them before you even think about putting it into action. If I catch word that you've started something involving someone and didn't okay it with them first, you will be given a warning, and subsequent violations will result in being kicked out.

3. Pay attention to current events.
Unless you are in the middle of something and have no way of possibly knowing something is going on, you will be expected to keep up with what other people in the comic are doing, as well as new developments in the kingdom. Failure to account for these things will depend on how often you fail to notice them or what your reason for not noticing them is.

4. Moving to Verdure is a bit of a difficult process.
Do not haphazardly introduce new characters all over the place. Any new people you want to bring in must be approved before you do so by all parties involved. Usually, this will just mean asking me if it's okay, but if you want to bring someone related to another person in you'll need to get it okayed by them before you run it by me.

5. Verdure is a medieval kingdom.
This means that they do not have the resources to create high-tech machinery and the like. Characters can enter with a knowledge of building, machines, and the like, but unless they have brought materials with them, they will not be able to build any sort of advanced technology, and the amount of things you can bring is generally limited to how much you can carry. Of course, there are ways to get more things in, but you'll have to discover that on your own.

6. The Kingdom of Verdure is not static.
As characters interact and do things, the Kingdom will adjust to the presence of the people there. Please act and react accordingly.

7. Follow the laws of the Kingdom.
These will become steadily more apparent as the comic progresses, and while you may not know them when you first move in, I suggest taking the time to read up on them when you get a chance.

8. Outside contact is slow, but not impossible.
You can send letters out of the Kingdom, but it will take time for them to get to their destination. Due to the lack of technology, however, things like phones and the internet are next to impossible to use while in the Kingdom.

9. Verdure is a diverse and flourishing Kingdom.
This means that you can use any type of character, from human to anthro to pop... star... ian... something. Just make sure they fit in with the backgrounds that will be used. Speaking of which...

10. Resources will be provided for you.
As Verdure is a medieval kingdom, I will not allow you to simply use whatever characters or backgrounds you please. There is a page labeled 'Resources' that you can use to get any sprites or backgrounds I have provided for you. If you do not feel like the items on this page are good enough for the update you want to make, run the things you want to use by me before you use them. I will either Okay or Deny them. If they are Okayed, they will be put onto the Resources page so other people can use them. If they are Denied, well, tough, find something else to use.

11. Those too powerful will be seen as a threat to the kingdom.
Verdure enjoys its peaceful state, so if you go around flaunting that you're a crazy powerful being capable of blowing things up with a snap of your fingers the citizens will be afraid of you and the law enforcement will try and arrest you. There's nothing stopping you from showing your stuff, but just note that people will notice if you do, and you may even meet your match in someone else who's recently moved to the kingdom.
(Basically, don't overpower your characters, and respect the strengths of other peoples' characters as well.)

12. Check the news posts somewhat regularly.
I will periodically post 'tasks' in the news to help people have an idea of what to do if they haven't gotten any ideas. These can be related to events that are going on in the kingdom, or simply me saying "break time do casual interaction now".

13. Someone or something in the kingdom causes mechanical devices to malfunction.
As this rule notes, there is something somewhere in the Kingdom that causes mechanics to not work properly. This only applies to automated systems. If you are in complete control of a machine, it will work fine - it is only when it is expected to run on its own that it will not work. This also extends to a slight radius around the island the Kingdom is on as well. This is not so much a 'rule' as 'something to be aware of' - mechanics that are not completely run by a person will malfunction and potentially explode in Verdure. This is why the Kingdom is in a medieval state.

14. If you have an important announcement, please post it in the news.
Mostly, if something comes up, either post it in the news or have someone else do it for you. Life happens, we understand that. But let us know so we can compensate for this! Like, if you were doing something with someone, and you break your arm, post a notice (or ask someone else to) so the person knows this happened and can cover for you, or get someone else to cover for you instead.

More coming sometime soon-ish. When I think of them, probably.