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These are the laws of the kingdom. They should not be confused with the rules of the comic.

Generally, the difference is that breaking Laws will affect you IN COMIC, while breaking Rules will have consequences for you as an author.

1. Countess Verity is the direct messenger of His Royal Highness.
Respect her as you would the King. Harassment will not be tolerated and should you choose to assault her she will have free reign to dispose of you however she wishes.

2. Stay away from the Midnight Forest.
This is for your own safety. The Vacive live in the Midnight Forest, and you might get hurt if you go out there.

3. Be wary of updates that have been posted on the Notice Board.
Once Countess Verity has made an announcement, the Kingdom Scribes will place it on the notice board. This is a good way to keep updated on events in the Kingdom, but at the same time, anyone can update it. Take everything you read on it with a grain of salt. This is for your own safety as well as the safety of the residents of the Kingdom.

Future laws pending.