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This page gives you some information on the NPCs in Verdure that you should know about.

The Kingdom of Verdure

The King His Majesty is a figure shrouded in myth, only known to the citizens as His Majesty or His Highness. He never leaves the castle, leaving some residents wondering if he actually exists or not. His abilities, if he has any, are unknown.
The Countess Countess Verity is the King's right hand woman. She is very calm, polite and willing to listen, even if her mind does tend to wander to odd places now and again. She has a strange presence that seems intangible somehow, and people tend to get an odd feeling when around her. Countess Verity is a gininka Ghastly, and has all of the abilities that this implies.
Royal Knight Sir Zanzabar of the Royal Knights is a little... off. After an encounter with the Empress, he has been mentally unstable and thus put on guard duty around the castle. He periodically visits the town, but has developed something of a personality disorder and so his visits have become less and less frequent. His abilities, if any, are unknown.
Apprentice Knight Jasmine is one of two currently known Apprentice Knights. She has a strong sense of moral justice and will do whatever it takes to help protect her kingdom. Thanks to her abilities, she is the source of new information in the kingdom and helps keep everyone up to date on current events and affairs. She has a very good memory, and some people say she doesn't forget anything. Jasmine possesses a sort of precognition based ability - she knows things that will happen before they happen, and she can sense people around the kingdom, recognizing unique life and energy forces to attribute them to the residents. Jasmine also has experience using a sword, since her abilities can only do so much to help her in combat.
Apprentice Knight Dai is one of two currently known Apprentice Knights. Dai is somewhat childish and carefree, but he cares about his kingdom and the friends that he has made within it. He is also an amateur blacksmith and helps forge the weapons that people in the kingdom use, and is studying the art of building and repairing ships and buildings. He has a habit of sticking his nose into affairs where they don't belong. Dai possesses the ability to make clones of himself. They are exact replicas, though they have an innate knowledge of which one is the original, and Dai's energy and strength is distributed evenly amongst them. When one is dispelled, anything knowledge it gained will be transferred to the original and any clones that happen to be up and about at the time.

The Empress And Allies

The Emperor The former Emperor; he was defeated and has become nothing more a legend to be feared. His abilities, if he has any, are unknown.
The Empress The Empress is a constant force of evil throughout the Kingdom of Verdure. She commands the Vacive and is hated by the people of the kingdom. Not much is known about her, however, aside from the fact that she randomly showed up in the kingdom without any warning. Her abilities, if she has any - which she most likely does - are unknown.
Minions The Vacive are servants of the Empress who follow her every command without question, as they did for the Emperor in the past. They cannot speak English/Common, and speak in their own unique language. The Vacive possess an ability known as "Bounce". The full extent of this ability is unknown.